Wednesday, February 2, 2011


morning world.ok.sangat tak teruja pon bangun pagpagi buta nak bersiap pakai baju kurung.T_T
oh! i'm going to Malacca jap lagi.again,not excited at all.-__- yes.i mean it.

just wanna drop a few things here.

one.sorry again.again.and, my besttestttt friend.Badariah Nabilah and Ilani coz what happen last night.i'm really sorry about that babe.and.i promise, i will not happen's my bad. :'(  to bada, i need to see you again before you go back to Kelantan babe. T_T

two.salam takziah to my bestttttesttt friend.Syafiqah.Her atok passed away this morning.a year after her beloved

*ok.nak mandi.mak aku dah nak pecahkan pintu bilik dah ni.=____=''


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