Wednesday, November 18, 2009

please help me..!!! bad habit is getting worse now..huuu~dun knoe wut to do..wawawawa!!'s really2 hard for me to sleep now..even now nearly to 4am..yeah..4am..haiyoo..

haishh~this maybe because of "unstable sleep time" since the final exam affected my sleep time even now there is no more revision and final exam..(mati laa aku..xkn nak mkn ubat tido lak..)*sigh -_-"

ok2..i've did alot of things to make me feel sleepy..minum susu??dahhh...tgk movie cintan??dahhh..bace novel??dah...but it doesn't worked for my mata yg degil nih..wawawawa~

ok!bertekad!nak tido gak walaupon xbeh lelap!!hoh!

msg!u make me crazy babe!sapekah??XD
msg!thanx to mizi yg sgt concern about me lately n for the non-stop supersavers..=)

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