Saturday, September 26, 2009



this is a serious things..all diz things need my full attention (maybe u too!)huh!T_T
ok2..NO more hari raya or berpoya2 for me afta diz..ingat!"maybe for u too"..
alot of works (i mean assignment)haha~need to be done today b4 class starts 2morrow..
what??baiklah~i admit that i didn't even touch the book for the whole cuti raya week..(nyesal2)-_-''

first thing first. . .prepare for presentation MAF 325..(ok2..lebih malang lagi..i'm the presenter)XD
next~siapkan ALL the keje2 yg dah terbengkalai..oh no!!(maybe i need to revise again)da lupe kott!
lagi2~need to study n prepare for the 2nd test..and for FINAL EXAM..(seroiusly~i didn't get ready yet)tulun2!!that day is juz in the corner..!!

*jap lagi nak bertolak balik shah alam..but all my stuffs still xkemas lg..-_-''
*hopefully..there is no more 'lagho' things when i go back to umah sewa..waaaa!
*and. . .for those who have intention to contact not 'hesitate' to contact me at the RIGHT tyme ok??yes..and i really2 mean it..^_^/

mood ; da start weng2 sket bcoz of keBZan yg bakal dilalui..=D

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